Instructions de COEO

How to Get Started

1. Go to
2. Click ‘Join the Prepare for Change community’ button in the middle of the page
3. The website will guide you through a few quick and easy steps until you are logged in to your account on coeo. For those concerned with privacy, you do not need to use your real name or real address or any other private contact information to register, navigate the website and connect with others.

How to Edit Your Personal Profile

Once you are logged into coeo, you will see at the top right corner the name you used to register. If you click on that, you can then ‘Edit Your Information’, ‘Upload a Profile Picture’, ‘Change your Location’, ‘Your Timezone’, and ‘Your Availability’

How to Find Other People

1. Once you are logged into coeo, you will see at the top right corner 6 main buttons to navigate the website : ‘Connect’ ‘Community’ ‘Event Support Groups’ ‘Sisterhood of the Rose’ ‘Events’ ‘Home Site’

If you click on ‘Connect’, you will see a worldwide map with all PFC users listed as blue pins on the map. You can click on these pins to navigate the website. If you click on a pin with a number on it, it will automatically zoom into the selected area. If you click on a pin with no number on it, you will be able to view a selected individual’s profile, where you will be able to send private messages to them. You can also simply do a search as presented above the map.

How to form a Group

Choose whether you would like to form an Event Support Group or a Sisterhood of the Rose group. You can create both. Go to the corresponding menu from the top right corner, and simply click on ‘Add local group’ at the top right corner and follow instructions.

Create an Event

Simply go to the ‘Event’ menu on the top right corner and click on ‘Create new event’.

If you tick the box ‘Online/Global Event’, you will be able to create an Event for all members, such as a worldwide meditation.

If you are creating a local Event, do not tick this box and choose your location. All members who are near you will be automatically notified by email of the creation of your Event.

Interact With The Community

You can click on ‘Community’ and share an update with all the members. You will be able to see all updates on this page much like a Facebook newsfeed.
On the right side you will see suggestions of other people to connect with.


If you have any additional question, please send an email to