Comment Participer

Dear PFC Members,

We are honored that you have decided to participate with us our Prepare for Change Mission. We have decided to make this process very simple. You may participate in many ways. This should be a joy and an exciting thing to do and not a burden.

We have 2 categories for you to participate with us.

The first category is very simple and requires no form to fill out and no contact or direct interaction with us. You may Participate in the following ways.

  1. You may ask questions or make comments anonymously through the normal WordPress process on our “Question and Comments Page” or on any article or post that is made. However you must follow the Websites Protocols and manners section for your comment to be approved. So please be patient, it will be approved but it may take some time until you will see your comment.
  2. You may also participate by writing an article in a word document format and simply submitting your article/ submission document anonymously or with your name attached. Either way it is your choice. You may do this by clicking “Submissions” and reading the instructions and protocols for submissions.
  3. You may also participate by getting to know the information on this site and sharing it with others, as you feel comfortable. We hope you will be inspired to download the “Community Leaders Brief” document and be prepared to share it with community leaders at the time of the Event. You may also share this brief with others who may not be familiar with other aspects of the information on this website.
  4. You may also contact any team leader by clicking on “Send a Message to a Leader”. This can be done anonymously as well.
  5. We also are looking for language translators to help make this website available to people all over the world. This separate type of participation and we will be grateful if you Join Translate Teams by clicking here.

The second category requires you to Sign Up with your information so that you may be updated as to changes that the PFC team is announcing on this site. You will also be updated in regards to new information that will be disseminated from the Resistance to aid the “Event Support Group Teams”.

This will require some personal information. If you only want to give an assumed name or Avatar name and an e-mail address, this is possible. If you are comfortable with sharing more information you may do so. If you share more information with us, you may be contacted at the time of the event or shortly thereafter by us for a more specific mission in your area.

By filling out the form below you will be able to receive the following notifications:

  1. New Posts to the site
  2. You will be placed on an “Inner Circle” e-mail database that will receive special e-mails from the PFC team. These e-mails will contain information from The New Society Groups, which the general public may not get on this site.
  3. You will receive updates from The New Society Teams requesting your input or help in our mission. You may likewise interact with the New Society Teams by contacting the leaders directly.
  4. You will be able to UNSUBSCRIBE at any time!
  5. You will have a choice to choose which leadership group you would like to belong to. We recommend you join only one group but you may join all groups if you are so inclined. After signing with one or multiple groups of the “New Society”, you will receive an automated response letter from each of the Team Leaders you have signed up under. These first responses will be advising you how to proceed and participate with this group. We ask if you have any specific questions on anything in regards to this site or its mission that you Contact a Team Leader.


The second sign up process is to join an “Event Support Group Page”. It is necessary as we do not own the “Meet-Up” groups website which coordinates these groups.

To “Create a New Event Support Group” Click Here we will be notified of this automatically and you will soon see your group added to the already existing worldwide Event Support Group list.

To Join an Existing Event Support Group Click Here

By joining or creating one of the “Event Support Groups” that are forming all over the world you are hopefully committing yourself to:

1. Meeting physically in groups all over the world to join in weekly meditations with like-minded light workers. We also hope these groups will discuss how to further the Mission Statement of this website!

2. We have offered “Protocols & Guidelines” for your group to follow, however each Event Support Group can decide their own way to help complete the mission.

3. The most important aspect of joining and participating with “The Event Support Group teams” is to be prepared for the changes coming at the time of the Event. Our main goal however, is to act as a calming and stabilizing force in our local communities at the time before, during and after the Event.

4. Furthermore you will be asked to share the updates and information you will receive through this website and the Event support groups teams. It is imperative that you share this with your local community and friends. This can be done preferably immediately, but during the Event it is critical that you share with others the non-violent and peaceful intentions behind the bank closures and righteous arrest of major political figures who will have indictments of far-ranging criminal behavior served to them. The PFC sites intentions must be made clear with your local authorities so that the transition may begin in earnest without fear, panic or harm to anything or anyone.

We hope you will take the time to participate by using all the means we have provided including filling out the contact form for our site and either creating or joining an existing meet-up group.

If you have any questions or need help with the sign-up process please contact or

We ask that you be patient as this process to interface this site and this singing -up process and translate into many different languages is delicate and requires expert help, which we are already receiving.

Thank you for taking the time to be actively involved in bring our world one step closer to World Peace Prosperity and hope for all of mankind.
Victory to the Light
The PFC Team