Merci Pour Votre Donation & Amour

Dear PFC Donor,

We want you to know we are extremely grateful for the support you have given us . We hope you understand we are a genuine non-profit organization where 100% of funds collected go to our humanitarian projects. We are very proud that our volunteers run our site. We applaud your selfless donation that will help to fund the Prepare sites efforts for a better world.

We also wanted to let you know how our donation funds are to be used. We have monthly budget in website fees and a portion of this is slated for a professional Webmaster who is on call. We are also raising money for worthy causes and our first task is to provide water filters for The Hopi and Navaho people. The humanitarian project that we are currently involved in is the  » The Water is Life Project” to benefit Hopi and Navaho and to provide them with clean drinking water.

We plan to use extra money we generate to the “Water is Life Project” a non-profit that will purchase water filters to help the children of these noble people to drink safe clean water. At the present time the Navaho and Hopi are drinking extremely high levels of radiation & Arsenic in their water.

This ancient heritage rich society is living in inhumane conditions & some of them are open to our help. As hard as this is to believe there is no solution being given by the existing leadership on the reservation. We here at Prepare For Change want you to know that all monies above and beyond our website account of 3 months reserve will be sent directly to purchase water filters for the families and children who cannot afford clean water.

If you can make a monthly love donation we will not fail them. Any amount you can offer would be greatly appreciated. We believe this is a great investment to aid our less fortunate people’s futures so we can finally achieve a golden age of peace, prosperity, and harmony with all beings. It is the intention of the Prepare For Change team to walk the path to self-mastery and we are well aware that the only way is through unconditional service to others, therefore we want to encourage others to follow the path by allow them to participate with our  » Benevolent Mission »

We love you beyond words and we hope one day the entire world will follow the same path. We care not for fortunes, fame or earthly rewards; we only seek unconditional love and benefits for the greatest good of ALL!

Victory of the Light!
PFC Family