Questions et Commentaires

Dear Event Support Group member,

THANK YOU for assisting us in creating our global community of light. Your efforts are very important. There are so many wonderful groups forming and making a huge impact on raising the love frequency of our surface population. If you have questions about creating a group or about the Event or anything on this website please let us know.   It would also be very helpful for other groups who are just starting out if you leave comments or provide feedback on how you’re running your local Event Support Group.

We ask that you follow the protocols listed below.

  1. We will not tolerate any questions or comments that contain foul language.
  2. We will refuse questions or comments that promote fear, prejudice, intolerance or hate.
  3. There will be no questions or comments allowed that encourage violence against any person or destruction of anything.
  4. Articles that personally attack or defame this site our members or cobra will not be posted.

These are very exciting times and we would LOVE to hear from you!

Infinite Love,
Event Support Group Team